The project is delayed and over budget. What happened?

Let the finger pointing begin.

Your architect is blaming the general contractor. The general contractor says details were missing in the architect’s drawings. Your Operations team tells you the internal Director of Real Estate didn’t provide key information for executing the deal.

And now the Board wants answers.

Problem is, even you don’t know what went wrong. With so many cooks in the kitchen, it’s hard to determine exactly where the breakdowns occurred. There are multiple points of accountability – but no one is willing to step up and take the blame for anything.

If only you had one person or a single source to manage all the internal and external players, one place to turn if things go wrong. Want your next project to have better results with absolutely no surprises?

That’s where Berengaria comes IN - One source of accountability.

Berengaria Development serves as your external team of real estate and retail experts, providing a comprehensive portfolio of real estate consulting, development and management services – on a fee-for-service basis. Through generational experience and over a billion dollars of real estate transactions, Berengaria was formed to eliminate the finger pointing that occurs on a typical real estate transaction.

With such a variety of skill sets needed to complete a project – from site identification and negotiation to construction – Berengaria provides a complete set of services that eliminates the need for unnecessary hand-offs. Since each hand-off provides an opportunity for additional costs, Berengaria is able to find savings along every stage of the project.

Berengaria specializes in building and managing teams of real estate brokers, engineers, architects and contractors across multiple markets in different geographical areas. Because we have expertise in each of these categories, nothing slips past us. Our hiring philosophy reinforces that by focusing on technically skilled employees, many with Masters Degrees in Business Administration, who are experienced in all aspects of development.  

Managing every aspect of your project – from start to finish – allows us to serve as your single point of reference so you avoid missed submittal dates, over-stated revenue projections, delays from internal design changes, extra costs and missed store count goals.

Not to mention, questions from the Board.