Experienced real estate professionals needed immediately. Must be willing to work for less than market value, and with uncertain job security due to fluctuating growth initiatives.

Don’t everyone jump at once.

So, hiring an internal real estate staff has been a bit challenging. It’s not easy finding qualified candidates – especially when the retail industry has a reputation for high turnover. Not to mention, hiring and training an internal staff takes time – something you and your growth initiative don’t have.

But it’s still more economical to hire your own staff to handle your real estate needs, right?  

Even though you didn’t hesitate to outsource your IT, legal and construction, you draw the line at outsourcing your real estate. After all, your growth plans are confidential and only your broker can know about them. The result: your growth strategy gets stalled because you’re unable to assemble the real estate team you need to push it forward.

That’s where Berengaria comes in.

Berengaria Development is a scalable team of real estate and retail experts, providing a comprehensive portfolio of real estate consulting, development and management services.

We specialize in building and managing teams of real estate brokers, engineers, architects and contractors across multiple markets in different geographical areas.

Berengaria works as your external real estate department, efficiently managing every aspect of your project – from start to finish.
We are there when you need us, and off your payroll when you don’t.

We’re The help that’s wanted, when it’s wanted.

With our flat, success-based fee, both our interests are aligned. This fee structure allows you to capitalize these costs and depreciate them over the life of the building or lease.  We have proven time and time again that the total dollars saved with our thorough real estate process more than pays for our services.      

In addition to the project savings, you get immediate expertise to implement your growth plan. This, coupled with avoiding the HR nightmares of hiring and downsizing a real estate department as your growth needs change over time, equals a recipe for success.