Berengaria’s Responsible Approach

Beliefs drive behavior. 

The services provided by Berengaria are based on proven ways to avoid real estate pitfalls and achieve dependable success. Our curated beliefs are supported by an accountability that is unwavering.

Our approach is simple and transparent: we transform real estate decisions from an art to a science. Berengaria accomplishes this by:

  • Auditing your existing real estate portfolio and process.

You can’t determine where you’re going unless you understand where you’ve been. By underwriting your entire real estate portfolio, we are able to determine your highest areas of growth and your biggest areas of weakness. This, coupled with a process analysis, shows how to best utilize your internal resources, while integrating an external solution to help facilitate your growth.

  • Developing a data-driven growth strategy.

We know a growth strategy needs to be based on more than a gut feeling. That’s why we craft market-specific analyses with recommendations for prioritization based on store-margin potential using your historical performance data, demographics and current real estate fundamentals.

  • Managing the execution.

Our services are intended to mitigate risk and optimize performance. Those goals can’t be achieved without a thorough process for execution. By utilizing our in-house processes, we are able to better negotiate leases and purchase agreements; develop architectural concepts; estimate and manage project costs; and, focus our team of consultants to save time and money.

  • Preventing surprises.

Surprises occur when projects are not fully vetted in the early stages. That's why we take full responsibility for due diligence by managing a team of surveyors, geotechnical engineers, environmental engineers, architects and attorneys. And, we coordinate the entitlements process in-house to minimize the costs, while maximizing the information. Community leaders have strong opinions about retail development, it's our job to navigate through the bureaucracy without delay.

  •  Avoiding delays and extra costs.

Berengaria realizes that budgets and schedules are established early on in a project. Those dates and costs are made public. To ensure they are met, we facilitate a competitive bid process, provide on-site construction observation, manage internal and external vendors and have accountants on staff make sure everything is completed on time, submitted on time and paid on time.

The Results: Seamless and Successful Store Openings