Is the shopping cart
half full or half empty?

Competing goals rarely result in success. The outcome of one goal usually comes at the expense of the other.

Take an aggressive retail growth strategy, for instance.

Your annual store counts goals have been established. They’ve been broadcasted to shareholders, employees and the media. Expectations are set. Not meeting those store counts isn’t an option. So you push to make it happen.

But at what cost?

You wind up with mediocre locations because high-quality ones can’t be secured as fast as your growth plan dictates. You’re forced to choose compromised sites. With limited visibility, parking or accessibility. In areas that don’t match your target demographics. And, you pay inflated rental rates, or agree to lease terms and construction costs you would normally walk away from. 

It’s hardly an equation for complete success.

That’s where Berengaria comes in.

Berengaria Development serves as your external team of real estate and retail experts, providing a comprehensive portfolio of real estate consulting, development and management services – on a fee-for-service basis.

We specialize in building and managing teams of real estate brokers, engineers, architects and contractors across multiple markets in different geographical areas.

Berengaria’s analytical approach to real estate transforms decisions from an art to a science. We provide data-driven analytics to proactively prioritize growth markets and forecast store margin potential based on historical performance data, demographics, and current real estate fundamentals. And, our hiring philosophy reinforces that approach by focusing on technically skilled employees, many with Masters Degrees in Business Administration.

We are able to dedicate the necessary resources needed to ensure a pipeline with enough high-quality opportunities to meet strategic store count goals, without sacrificing store level performance. Whether your goals are one store per year or 50, Berengaria views every engagement with a focus on the long-term relationship, not a single transaction.

Our unique approach to real estate, created by the generational experience of owning the real estate in which we operate our businesses, defines success as not only delivering on the expectations for the real estate, but on meeting store performance expectations.